Creating a New Series: Prism

I am so, so happy to introduce you to my latest series, "Prism". This series of paintings was the first collection I've created since my departure from Instagram, and, as result, my relationship with it was very different from work I've made previously. I felt much closer to my work, and I thoroughly enjoyed the privacy I had while creating these pieces. For me, social media seriously impacts my creativity and sharing my process in real time dilutes the connection I feel to my work. Not having it as a factor yielded amazing results, and I loved making these paintings!

Below, I'm sharing the inspiration behind this collection, as well the impact experimentation had on these paintings. These pieces have such a special place in my artistic journey, and I truly hope you enjoy this series.


As someone who has worked primarily in realism, the idea of abstract painting previously seemed impossible to me. Not only that, I just didn't understand it. But after watching an Art Prof stream on YouTube about different abstract techniques, I became fascinated with the textures and colors in abstract work. I pondered these various techniques for a few weeks before I tried them myself.

During this time, I researched and dissected many different abstract paintings. Ideas for paintings started to form in my head, and I just had to see what would happen if I started to experiment. And so I did.


I love experimenting in my studio. In fact, one of my biggest complaints about social media is that experimentation (AKA anything that doesn't look exactly like your old work) is often not well-received. The idea of reproducing the same thing over and over again is extremely unappealing to me. Art is about evolution and trying new things, which is precisely why I leave room for experiments in my practice.

So I pulled out a couple canvases, some paint, and my trusty old palette knife. I produced two paintings inspired by texture and line, and, just like that, I was hooked. I took note of what I liked about these two pieces and what I wanted to improve. I carried these ideas into the next pair of paintings and ended up with a series of a dozen paintings in the end.

The Result

While the paintings in my "Prism" series look quite different from the pieces above, these paintings are directly descended from my first experiment. I loved exploring texture, color, and space in these paintings. Each one was a different puzzle for me to solve, and I really enjoyed working on each piece. Here are just a few of the paintings in this series. You can see the rest in my gallery and purchase your favorite in my shop.

Artist Statement

Inspired by light dissolving into different colors as it passes through a prism, this series pays homage to fractured color through texture, rhythm, and space. These pieces were created with acrylic paint, and I wanted to celebrate the medium through scraping, glazing, and scratching techniques. Palette knives were the most used tool in creating these paintings and helped communicate my excitement and energy. Their propensity for bold, textured marks channel intensity and perfectly captured the brazenness I felt while painting. As an artist who is always seeking growth through experimentation, these paintings align with my personal artistic philosophy and practice in which exploration takes center stage. While I'm always learning from my work, this series has sparked a new fascination within me and will certainly inspire and influence future paintings.


I cannot say how proud I am of these paintings. They were such a joy to make, and I'm so happy to share them with you! To see more of "Prism", head over to my gallery. Now, back to gathering inspiration for my next painting.

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Thanks for reading and happy creating!