4 Reasons Why You Need Your Own Website

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Purchasing, developing, and maintaining a website can seem daunting. And I can confirm that it is a lot of work. But the benefits of owning and operating a website far outweigh any of the cons. To give you a better picture, I'm going through four reasons why artists need their own website. Let's get into it!



There's no denying that websites are the most customizable platform currently available in the online space. And that's a huge bonus to us artists! We can design and format things to perfectly match our brand, our work, and our goals. Instagram, Pinterest, Etsy, and all of the other social media platforms are good at providing visibility (although there's plenty of room for improvement there), but not so great when it comes to customization. For some, that might not matter. But for those of us that want to create a full experience surrounding our work, having the option to customize and change things is really important.

When setting up your website, take advantage of the amount of customization you get. Choose a plan that works with your goals. For instance, if you want to have a private store, pick a plan with ecommerce included. If you just want to have a professional portfolio to send to clients, you might not need a store. It's all up to you and what you want your website to be capable of. And this extends to your design, as well. For artists and designers, it's best to keep the design simple and clean so the viewer isn't distracted from your work. Pick a theme that has good readability and makes your work the star of the show. I know it takes a long time to set up, but it'll be time well spent.



Having your own website automatically makes you seem more professional. I know that seems silly, but people like knowing that they'll be working with someone reliable and experienced within their field. Think about it: would you hire someone to design your brand if they only had an Instagram account they updated every so often? Not really. But if you have your website linked to your social media and provide a page of previous client work and testimonials, that's a different story. Think of your social media as a first impression and your website as your resume.

Now, not everyone needs a website. If you like to make art as your hobby, it's not necessary to expand beyond social media. But if you want to have a place to direct people to when they ask about your work, I think it sounds much better to give them your website. Plus, you can link everything on your website, anyway. It's better to give them the central location rather than having them go on a wild goose chase trying to find you on the wild, wild web.



This one is probably the most important to me. A few years ago, Instagram deleted my art account for literally no reason. I wasn't using any third party apps, paying for followers, or posting inappropriate content. But they still flagged my account and completely obliterated it. I tried emailing and contacting someone - anyone - to get it back. But no one responded. I had been trying to build my following for years, so it was heart-wrenching to see all of my time and effort erased in the blink of an eye. It randomly came back to life a few weeks later, but that really freaked me out. I realized I didn't want to rely on a platform that could be here today and gone tomorrow. Moreover, I didn't want someone else and their stupid algorithm controlling my online presence.

If you want to have a reliable place to call virtual home, you absolutely need a website. There are no "buts" about this. Facebook, TikTok, and every platform out there could all disappear tomorrow or randomly decide to delete your account. And that would leave you in a lurch. Save yourself a panic attack and take control of the situation by establishing your own corner of the internet.



Stability is very similar to the last point, but there's a little nuance. You know how every other month it seems like these social media apps have horrible updates to their algorithm that completely destroy your reach? Sort of like how Instagram is pushing more and more video content and leaving those of us who enjoy photos in the dust. That doesn't happen with your website. Because you have complete control over any of the changes you make, you won't have to worry about what might happen in the future.

Now, you will have to learn and understand search engine optimization (SEO). And these things do change. But the benefit of having a website is you can establish a Newsletter and build up stability! People that adore your work will be happy to sign up and receive direct communication from you. There's no worrying about whether or not your work will be seen with a Newsletter. If someone signs up, they're going to be notified. So start building up your Newsletter! Direct people on social media to sign up so they don't have to miss what you're working on. And pass the message on that supporting artists outside of social media is the best way to support artists. Over time, your list will grow and the changes made by social media won't have as large of an impact. Future-proof your work now and get a website.


As you can see, having a website is huge. It allows you to have complete authority over what you put on the internet and how it's presented. For those of us working towards an artistic career, this is crucial. So start researching now and grab your domain. You'll be glad you did!

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Thanks for reading and happy creating!